Milwaukee's topDentist 

Dr. Engel and Dr. Nencka have been included in the 2020 list of Milwaukee Magazine's TopDentists.



To all our patients and referring doctors:

In order to comply with the current recommendations from the American Dental Association regarding dental treatment during the current COVID19 virus pandemic, we will be making the following changes in our scheduling procedures and office hours.

Our Waukesha and Hales Corners offices are temporarily closed. We will see patients with dental emergencies in our Brookfield office during normal office hours and continue to be available to our patients of record with any emergencies during ongoing treatment. Any non-emergent care will be deferred as advised by the American Dental Association recommendations. This includes consultations for patients without pain, recall examinations, and completion of therapy in progress without symptoms.

Patients with urgent conditions such as pain or swelling will be seen in our Brookfield office. For the safety of our patients and staff, we ask that patients who are exhibiting signs or symptoms of any respiratory infection such as a cough, sneezing, fever, or unusual fatigue do not come to the office as, under current recommendations, we may be unable to treat them in the normal office environment. We also ask that no more than one person accompany any patient who does need to be seen.

In addition to all the normal precautions taken in our offices to prevent patient exposure to any pathogens during treatment, we will be taking additional steps to frequently disinfect surfaces in our reception area and office spaces, such as disinfecting doorknobs, desktops, chairs and other surfaces our patients and staff may contact.

We regret the inconvenience these decisions will cause to our patients but feel these restrictions are necessary for the health and safety of both our patients and our staff. We will return to normal scheduling practices and reopen all our offices as soon as the American Dental Association and appropriate governmental bodies advise us is appropriate to do so.


The Purpose of Endodontic Therapy:

Endodontic therapy is performed to save decayed, damaged, or infected teeth that would otherwise be extracted. Possible signs of a root canal problem include unusual sensitivity to heat or cold, tenderness to biting, pain, or swelling. In some cases there may not be any symptoms. Under ideal circumstances, root canal therapy has a success rate of over 90%.

Occasionally additional treatment may be necessary if healing does not occur after therapy. Your doctor will discuss any complications that may affect the chance of successful treatment in your case.